Removing criminal sanctions from abortion legislation

Abortion legislation study

In March 2018, the Royal College of Nursing launched a UK-wide survey of members on the principle of removing criminal sanctions from termination of pregnancy

(commonly referred to as decriminalisation of abortion). The consultation focused solely on the principle of decriminalisation of termination of

pregnancy. 73.7% of respondents voted in favour of the decriminalisation of abortion. The RCN believe that abortion should be treated the

same as any other medical practice, subject to regulation and following the poll will be reviewing their future work relating to termination of pregnancy legislation.

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NUPAS are supporting the web abortion research

Abortion research

Have you terminated a pregnancy in Great Britain? Sharing your personal experience is powerful, and they need to hear from you. Filling out the quick, confidential survey at this link will help them advocate better for improved access to abortion services in the future, and they would really appreciate your input. Click here: if you wish to participate.

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Our View On Mr Rees-Moggs Opinion On Abortion

Opinion on abortions from Mr Rees-Moggs

Whilst NUPAS fully recognizes Mr Rees-Moggs personal opinions, MPs should recognise and respect that despite personal opinion, the law states that every woman should have control over her own body and her fertility in relation to whether to continue with a pregnancy or not, as described in the 1967 Abortion Act. This should not be overruled by the opinions of individuals in charge of making parliamentary decisions. Abortion is an individual’s choice, and opinions against it are very often overruled by religious beliefs when a women finds herself in an unplanned situation.

NUPAS opinion

NUPAS continues to advocate the right for women to access safe abortion services and believes that is it a fundamental healthcare right for women wherever they live.