Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is about reviewing and improving the quality of services, by creating an environment in which clinical care will flourish.

NUPAS have processes in place to assure clinical governance and patient safety is effectively embedded throughout our services.

This enables us to monitor and ensure the services our patients receive are safe and that we improve our quality outcomes for you.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Our senior leadership team are accountable to the Chairperson of NUPAS and provide assurance that the appropriate risk, quality, and safety processes are in place in an effective manner.

SLT receive assurance that our services are applying the principles of:

Patient Safety

Clinical Effectiveness


Risk Management

Clinical Quality and Governance Committee

This Committee provides oversight of the sub committees below and assures the SLT in line with the principles above that each committee are monitoring the relevant service requirements.

Patient Safety and Risk Oversight Committee

Ensures that NUPAS meets its patient safety and risk management requirements, including:

Patient Safety

Quality Improvement

Risk Frameworks

Clinical Effectiveness

Infection Control Committee

Ensures that NUPAS provide a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors in relation to infection risks.

Clinical and Medical Consultative Committees

Review and ensure clinical care and evidence-based practice is embedded across the organisation. This includes:

Clinical Policy

Clinical Training Programs

Staff Competency

Clinical Audit(s)

Review of Clinical Complications

Patient Information Group

Oversee the production of patient information, such as:

Patient Information Booklets

Patient Leaflets

NUPAS Website

Regional Leadership Team (RLT)

The team will review service activity as well as clinical issues raised.

Staff Team Meetings

Will review local team matters raised by the above meetings or from unit safety huddles.

Unit Safety Huddles

Huddles will review local clinical matters, daily work plans and enable reporting of key safeguarding and patient safety messages.

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