Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

NUPAS recognises our responsibilities in terms of the public sector equality duty and has systems and policies in place to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and make sure people with a protected characteristic have the same opportunities as other people. We adopt the FREDA framework (Fairness Respect Equality Dignity Autonomy) and pledge our service meets people's needs and promotes a safe, effective, and responsive service, specialising in abortion care and the associated health prevention activities.

This means that NUPAS will:

  • Remove or minimise any disadvantages service users may have because of any protected characteristics.
  • Take steps to meet the needs of people with protected characteristics that are different from the needs of people who do not.
  • Treat the individuals we support as unique rather than treating all individuals in the same way.
  • Ensure we work in a non-judgemental way.
  • Work with and train our staff to ensure that they do not allow any personal beliefs to affect the care and support they provide.

We ensure that this happens by –

  • Maintaining up to date Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policies along with regular reviews of policy and practices
  • Ensuring that policies undergo Equality Impact Assessments.
  • Mandatory Equality and Diversity training.
  • Specific Trans Awareness Training
  • Completion of the Workforce Race Equality Standard
  • Gather information on the composition of our employees, on recruitment, development, and retention of our people, with respect to all protected characteristics.
  • Annually review of staff renumeration to identify any gender pay gap.
  • Maintaining our Disability Confident employer status.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and avoiding unlawful discrimination in either employment or to service users. We promote equal opportunities and aim for a working environment free of harassment, bullying and victimisation of any kind. Treating everyone with dignity and respect are important aspects of ensuring equal opportunities in NUPAS.

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