Booking a Consultation

What is a Consultation?

A consultation will always happen before abortion treatment. Consultation appointments give time to talk through treatment options. Consultations include a clinical assessment to find the safest and most effective abortion option for you.

Our teams are caring, understanding and non-judgemental. We are here to give medical advice, information about abortion options and support during treatment. We will not influence you or force you into making your decision. If there is anything you do not understand, please don’t be afraid to ask. We are here for you.

What Happens at a Consultation?

Talk About Pregnancy Options

We will ask you about the pregnancy options you have considered. Options can include:

Continue the pregnancy and parent the child after birth.

Continue the pregnancy and consider adoption or foster care after birth.

End the pregnancy with an abortion.

Your decision should be personal to you. You should be able to make this decision without feeling under pressure or forced by anyone.

We can talk to you about the types of abortion care: Medical Abortion (abortion pills), and Surgical Abortion.

If you decide to continue the pregnancy you must tell your GP or midwife as soon as possible. It is important to get antenatal care if continuing a pregnancy.

Legal Requirements

We will ask your reasons for wanting an abortion. This is to check legal conditions for us to offer treatment. Two NUPAS doctors will review the consultation notes to authorise treatment.

We will also talk to you about consenting to receive treatment. You will need to be 100% sure about your decision. If you have any questions about treatment, please ask the nurse.

If you are undecided, that’s ok. This decision is yours to make. If you need more time to think about it, you can make an appointment later. If you feel like counselling sessions would help you to make a confident decision, we can arrange this for you.

Learn more about the abortion counselling services we provide.

Clinical Assessment

The clinician (a nurse or midwife) will do a clinical assessment during the consultation. To do this they will take information about your health and medical history. Everything you tell us is confidential.

If we ask you to visit a clinic for a face-to-face clinical assessment the clinician will do the following checks:

Ultrasound Scan – this might be on your tummy and/or inside your vagina.

Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate

Blood Tests – We may offer you tests for anaemia, sickle cell disease and blood type.

STI Tests – We may offer you tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and HIV.

Want to find out more about the clinical assessment and what to expect during a visit to a NUPAS clinic?

Talk About Contraception

The nurse will talk to you about contraception options. Fertility can return as soon as 5 days after an abortion. This means you can get pregnant again if you are not using contraception. There are lots of contraception types to choose from. We can help you find a new contraception if your old one hasn’t worked well.

Consultation Options

At NUPAS we have two types of consultation:

Booking your Consultation Appointment

Call us to speak to an advisor. Lines are open from 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week. An advisor will take details from you over the phone and give you a consultation appointment date.

From UK:
0333 004 6666

From Republic of Ireland:
(01) 874 0097

From all other countries:
0044 161 4872660

You can also arrange for us to call you back instead if you prefer.

If you have any questions you can talk to one of our team on our live webchat. Our advisors are available from 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

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