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We are the abortion specialists that put your needs at the centre of our care. You can refer yourself for NHS abortion care.

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Our NHS and private abortion services include options of:

We have local clinics across the Northwest, Yorkshire, Midlands, Southeast and Greater London. Each year our high-quality care reaches thousands across the UK. You can refer yourself for NHS abortion care with us. Appointments to talk about your abortion options (consultations) are available 7 days a week.

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Messages from our patients

Our patients share their experience

Friendly advice and support. I would definitely recommend to others if required.

NUPAS Preston

All the members of staff were wonderful, kind, caring and gentle.

NUPAS Surbiton

Very understanding to my situation. The Nupas team also made me feel very welcome and calm in circumstances like this. Thank you Nupas.


I was very anxious about every call and appointment, but I left feeling much happier, with no judgement, with everyone being very understanding. Thanks.

NUPAS Twickenham

The nurse was friendly , informative and went through the procedures well. I felt well informed during the consultation.


Wonderful staff! I felt extremely comfortable and safe. Everyone I came into contact with was incredibly understanding, empathetic and gentle šŸ™‚

NUPAS Bolton

I felt very cared for and looked after šŸ™‚

NUPAS Tameside

All staff are lovely, welcoming and professional. The Nupas team made me feel comfortable and supported through a difficult and sensitive time.

NUPAS Manchester

This is not a very easy decision, so its quite beautiful to be attended to by very kind, warm professional nurses like mine today. It made today easier for me. Thanks.

NUPAS Woolwich

Very polite and understanding people, and I highly recommend them.

NUPAS Blackpool

Everyone was really nice and friendly making me feel very comfortable.

NUPAS Wandsworth

The midwife was very calm and kind and put me at ease.

NUPAS Oxford

Very attentive nurses made me feel at ease. All the information and procedures were thoroughly explained.

NUPAS Finchley

Every member of staff I came across were so amazing. Very professional and clean. The staff had lovely bedside manner and were very understanding and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Iā€™d definitely recommend to anyone.

NUPAS Haringey

The nurse and midwife were really lovely and friendly, made me feel very comfortable and supported.

NUPAS Battersea

Lovely ladies made me feel sure I was okay throughout the appointment. Reassuring and friendly staff made if feel like I was in a safe place.

NUPAS Burton on Trent

I saw the loveliest nurse ever! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

NUPAS Reading

Non-judgemental, extremely friendly staff, quick and easy process booking and appointment.

NUPAS Cannock

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