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We are the abortion specialists that put your needs at the centre of our care. You can refer yourself for NHS abortion care.

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Our NHS and private abortion services include options of:

We have local clinics across the Northwest, Yorkshire, Midlands, Southeast and Greater London. Each year our high-quality care reaches thousands across the UK. You can refer yourself for NHS abortion care with us. Appointments to talk about your abortion options (consultations) are available 7 days a week.

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Messages from our patients

Our patients share their experience

Fantastic service, very informative, very friendly and reassuring. Thank you.

NUPAS Blackpool

I suffer with severe anxiety. The lady made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the situation, which reassured me that all the worrying I had in the morning leading up to the appointment was not needed.

NUPAS Woolwich

All staff were very compassionate and supportive, which made a difficult process feel much better. Thank you.

NUPAS Bolton

The midwife was a ray of sunshine. Thank you so much for your support.

NUPAS Twickenham

Staff very friendly and professional. I would recommend 100%.

NUPAS Tameside

Very professional and made me feel safe. No one judged my decision and gave lots of useful information. The midwife was very nice and welcoming.

NUPAS Surbiton

Friendly staff and a safe atmosphere.

NUPAS Manchester

All good thanks!

NUPAS Kilburn

Everyone has been really supportive, making me feel at ease and explained everything clearly to me. I feel like the service has been very helpful.

NUPAS Preston

The staff were very informative and supportive over the phone and at my face to face appointment. They paid attention to detail, listened to my concerns, reassured me, gave me time around my decision, and also gave me a full run through of the procedure and counselling options.

NUPAS Haringey

The nurse was very helpful, friendly, and explained the entire process very clearly. I was happy with the care and service. The process was very easy as well.


All the staff made me feel safe and calm. Thank you.

NUPAS Finchley

Staff are very friendly; I didn’t feel judged. Lots of information provided. Quick appointment referrals.

NUPAS Burton on Trent

All the people were very kind, and helped put my mind at rest when I was very anxious.


Nupas staff are amazing. So kind, understanding in making me feel at ease. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

NUPAS Cannock

Really lovely and responsive team. I felt well listened to.

NUPAS Battersea

Every member of the team I spoke with was really supportive and informative. Thank you for being so lovely at such a difficult time.


The phone team were exceptional. Thank you so much for your support at such a difficult time.

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