Abortion Counselling

Doctor and Patient Talking About Abortion Aftercare Advice

Having an abortion is an emotional rollercoaster for some.  Emotional and psychological side effects are more common than physical ones.  It’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions that may be different before and after the procedure, some positive, some negative.  You may question whether you are making the right decision or you may feel relief in the decision you have made.  Every woman is different.  Every woman’s circumstance is different.

Some women might feel anger at having to make the choice.  Some women might experience sadness, guilt, or depression.  For some, these feelings may go away quickly, for others they may last for a length of time.

These responses can be influenced by a lack of support by a partner or parents, feeling forced to have an abortion, prior beliefs, rape, or feelings of attachment to the pregnancy.

It may be easier for you to talk through your worries with a trained professional rather than a family member or friend, as they are not personally involved in your situation.

NUPAS offer a counselling service for anyone considering abortion, this can includes pre abortion counselling where you can discuss your pregnancy options  prior to booking your appointment and post abortion counselling if you feel you need to talk about how you are feeling.

Our fully trained, compassionate and knowledgeable counsellors offer counselling over the telephone or face to face in a confidential and non-judgemental environment.  We want to ensure that you feel fully supported both physically and emotionally throughout your journey.

Our counsellors will not make decisions for you.  They are there for you to talk to about your feelings and work on coping strategies.  If you are having pre-abortion counselling and decide to proceed with an abortion, you can access one of our clinics situated around the country.

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