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Our View On Mr Rees-Moggs Opinion On Abortion

Opinion on abortions from Mr Rees-Moggs Whilst NUPAS fully recognizes Mr Rees-Moggs personal opinions, MPs should recognise and respect that despite personal opinion, the law states that every woman should have control over her own body and her fertility in relation to whether to continue with a pregnancy or not, as described in the 1967 […]

No charge for women from Northern Ireland

NUPAS are pleased to confirm that, following the landmark announcement last week that women from Northern Ireland will be able to access funded abortions, NUPAS will now provide abortions to women travelling from Northern Ireland at no charge with immediate effect. NUPAS provides pregnancy testing, pregnancy counselling, abortion treatments, contraception and STI screening. Contact us […]

Committment To Help Northern Ireland Women

NUPAS welcome the commitment to ensure women from Northern Ireland will be able to get abortions on the NHS in England. It is a positive step forward to ensure equity of service and provision for women in the UK Today more than 50 MPs from the major parties backed a call for Northern Irish women […]

Access To Services For All

Is it right that women in Northern Ireland currently face financial challenges to access a service that is free at the point of care to other women in the UK? Our opinion We at NUPAS don’t think that it is. We support the rights of all women to access safe abortion services.

Breakthrough In Male Contraception

Major break through in testing of a new male contraceptive. The facts The male contraceptive jab was 96% effective in a year-long trial. The injected male contraceptive lowers sperm count and in a global test involving 350 men and their partners. Only four pregnancies occurred. There were still few side effects, including muscle pain mood […]

High Quality of Care!

The National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service (NUPAS) would like to assure women wanting to access termination of pregnancy services that it is our priority is to ensure that patients get safe, high-quality and compassionate care. We have worked with the Care Quality Commission since February 2016 to ensure that all our services have been inspected […]

New Clinic Opens In Bury

The latest NUPAS  clinic opened it’s doors in Bury, Lancashire in September at the Moorgate Primary Care Centre We will be offering a whole range of sexual health services and advice including: Abortion information and consultation Free pregnancy testing Contraception advice Free walk-in chlamydia testing for under 25s Contact us to find out more.